Voice of our Employees
At Hayleys, we believe that people make the difference between a good organization and an excellent one. Here is an opportunity for you to meet just a few, amongst our 36,000 team of competent, committed and inspired employees of the Hayleys family. Discover the uniqueness of their journey and what it’s like to work for Hayleys.
"I Joined the World of Hayleys to explore and experience the diversified world of opportunities. I was hired as MD to set up and run the IT/BPO/Shared Services and subsequently appointed to the Group Management Committee to be part of the overall Hayleys Group Management council. I was later given a larger scope of managing Hayleys Engineering, Power and Energy Sector as the MD and sector head which focuses on renewable energy such as Wind Power, Hydro Power, Healthcare, Engineering, Chemicals and many other divisions.
The opportunities in the World of Hayleys is not limited to your skills, talent or education. It is a dynamic organization that continues to innovate and push the boundaries of individuals. It thrives on being a Corporate Citizen and believes in upholding ethics and values as the primary objective while being a top listed company. The ocean of opportunities are there to be captured and nurtured.
It's a place where uncut diamonds are shaped and molded into leaders! "
Dr.Arul Sivagananathan (Managing Director)
Hayleys Industrial Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
"My career at Hayleys commenced in 1985 when I was fresh out of Royal College and I joined as a Junior Executive – Sales and Marketing, for Hayleys Advantis (then Maritime Agencies). It was my first exposure to the corporate world and I'm proud to say today that for Hayleys Advantis, the dream of being the best in everything has been achieved. I was always able to be successful due to the training I had at Advantis from the very beginning and that is what paved the way for my career growth through the appointment as Managing Director of the Transportation and Logistics Sector of the Hayleys Group and being appointed to the Board of Directors of Hayleys PLC.

At Hayleys, It is a culture beyond compare and the reason why so many of us have built careers at this company without considering this "just another job".

I take great pleasure in inviting you to be a part of this rich heritage... build your career with us at Hayleys. "
Ruwan Waidyaratne (Managing Director)
Hayleys Advantis Ltd
"As a Finance Professional employed in Haycarb PLC I have been working under the umbrella of Global Markets and Manufacturing Sector of the Hayleys Group. My career enables me to use and develop the skills in my chosen field ranging from areas such as financial and management reporting, investment planning, internal control and systems management to tax compliance globally.

I am happy to work in a fulfilling role as a member of the Senior Management Team of Haycarb in an environment that fosters team spirit, commitment and personal development."
Jeevani Abeyratne (Director Finance)
Haycarb PLC
"I joined Hayleys 4 years ago as a member of the Strategic Business Development Unit. The experience at Hayleys has thus far been fantastic. Working at the parent company has provided me with opportunities to work with all the different sectors within the Group. Hayleys is unique in its exposure to all aspects of the Sri Lankan economy – Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services, therefore the learning opportunities are unparalleled. It has been exciting to work in Hayleys during this period of transformation as the company has positioned itself to capture the full potential of post-war Sri Lanka.

At the same time, it is a pleasure to work in a company that stays true to a set of values that have stood the test of time since 1878. "
Deshal De Mel (Senior Economist)
Hayleys PLC
"I started my career at Hayleys MGT Knitting Mills PLC in 1993 as a Fabric Inspector and progressed as Supervisor, Staff Assistant, Executive, Executive In-Charge and later as the Assistant Manager. I am presently heading the Knitting department as the Manager since 2013.
During my career at MGT, it was my privilege to undergo training in MGT Samoor Knitting Mills, Thomustown, Australia for a period of two months.

I am happy to join Hayleys MGT family as this is a great place to work. I have worked hard to achieve all those and I am thankful to Hayleys."
K D C R Gunarathne (Manager- Knitting Department)
Hayleys Fabric PLC