Your Career at Hayleys
There is challenge, opportunity and synergy at Hayleys. Aspirations, competencies and commitment of our people are at the heart of all our achievements. The Hayleys family consists of diverse and dynamic individuals who drive our globally competitive business portfolio encompassing 16 diverse business sectors. Although our businesses are diverse, we ‘walk to the same beat’ holding fast to the core values of Hayleys, whilst retaining our own character and individuality.

We focus on creating a culture and a nurturing working environment for our people based on our values, mutual respect, accountability and understanding. Our 32,000 employees come from all walks of life and present an incredibly rich mix of experience, expertise and ideas.

We provide an atmosphere where employees are valued and where exceptional performance is recognized. Our way of working creates inspiring career milestones for our people through career growth, delivering greater job satisfaction whilst fostering creativity and innovation.

Our established rewards and recognition processes support the development and sustainability of high level skills, behaviors and capabilities of our people, while our development initiatives continuously facilitate our employees to develop personally and professionally.

We believe in continuous learning and development of our employees and provide such opportunities that are aligned with the organization’s business goals and strategy.